Press Release – Egypt has joined the Moon Village Association

Vienna, Austria – (December 21, 2020)

Egyptian Space Agency Joined the Moon Village Association (MVA) to further participate in the development of various projects aiming at moon exploration.

Egypt is active in the MVA Participation of Emerging Space Countries (PESC) project, which aims at developing a national road map for Egypt to participate in moon exploration.

“Egypt is keen to join MVA as it is one of the leading and unique organizations in the world that act as a platform to foster cooperation between nations, seeking peaceful moon exploration and settlement. Cooperating with MVA will allow the Agency to acquire more visibility and inform the world of our lunar activities. Going to the moon is not an easy task, we have to be part of a global program like the Moon Village to explore the Moon. Egypt is keen to be part of this unique humankind endeavor, as it always Said ” today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact”; we are now shaping future for our next generations” emphasized Dr. M. El Koosy, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency

” A major MVA goal is to foster the involvement of Emerging Space countries in the Moon Village. Considering that Africa should be an important stakeholder in the Moon Exploration and Settlement, joining Egyptian Space Agency is an important step.  We hope that the implementation of this activity will engage Egypt and, later on, other African countries, in concrete Moon related projects to share the benefits. Egypt and Africa in general have a lot of skills and potentiality and we need to tap them” stated Dr. Giuseppe Reibaldi, President of MVA.

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About the Egyptian Space Agency
The Egyptian Space Agency is an Egyptian public economic authority established in August 2019, with a legal personality and affiliated with the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Agency is actively involved in international and local projects. Established by the Law No. 3 of 2018 which aims to create, transfer space technology development, localization and own self-capabilities to build & launch satellites from Egyptian territory.

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About the Moon Village Association 
The Moon Village Association (MVA) is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Vienna, founded in 2017. Its goal is the creation of a permanent global informal forum for stakeholders like governments, industry, academia and the general public interested in the development of the Moon Village. The MVA is the assembling of all efforts from private industry, governments and others aimed to explore and use the Moon in a sustainable manner. The MVA fosters cooperation for existing or planned Moon exploration programs, be they public or private initiatives. It comprises approximately more than 200 individual and 27 institutional members from more than 48 countries, representing a diverse array of technical, scientific, cultural and interdisciplinary fields. The MVA partners with non-space organizations to promote international discussions and formulation of plans to foster the development of the Moon Village, and is creating international, national and regional networks to engage civil society around the world. The Moon Village Association’s mission is unique, bridging together both spacefaring and non-spacefaring nations offering them the opportunity to play a role in its realization. There is no other organization on the international scene having such a mission.

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