Call for Proposals to host the 2024 (8th) Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium

Application Deadline: November 13, 2023
Deadline extended to November 13, 2023


The 1st International Moon Village workshop, organized by Moon Village Association (MVA) together with International Space University (ISU), took place in Strasbourg on 19-21 November 2017 and gathered more than 150 participants.

 The 2nd International Moon Village workshop & symposium was organized by MVA in cooperation with the University of Southern California (USC) and the National Space Society (NSS) and took place at/near the USC campus on 4-5 November 2018. It had about 120 attendees.

 The 3rd International Moon Village workshop & symposium was held on December 5-8, 2019 in Tokyo and Kyoto. It was organized by MVA in cooperation with the Tokyo University of Science, Keio University and Kyoto University. The event gathered a record number of participants so far, about 250.

The 4th Global Moon Village workshop & symposium was conducted online on November 9-11, 2020 from Nicosia, Cyprus. It was organized by MVA in cooperation with the Cyprus Space Exploration Organization (CSEO).

The 5th Global Moon Village workshop & symposium took place during December 6-8, 2021 in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was organized, like the previous one, by MVA in cooperation with the CSEO, this time in a hybrid mode.

The 6th Global Moon Village workshop & symposium (November 8-10, 2022) was organized by MVA with the support of the NSS at Sheraton Gateway Hotel at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), and it became the MVA’s first face-to-face meeting since 2019. About 200 participants took part in the event.

The 7th Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium is being organized by MVA in Kurashiki and Tottori in Japan on December 6-10, 2023 in cooperation with several local universities and with the support of JAXA and some industry and research organizations from the area. 160-180 participants are targeted.

All the final reports of the workshops are downloadable from .

In accordance with the currently adopted MVA policy regarding the Association’s annual event, its location is to be alternated between Europe, the Americas and Asia. As a consequence, the 2024 event will be held in Europe.

Brief event description

The workshop & symposium is the major annual forum organized by MVA. It is devoted to discussions of different aspects of the exploration and utilization of the Moon, and is focused on the most recent progress achieved by the MVA along the lines of its ongoing activities and on the future planning.

Typically, the event is held during November-December time frame and lasts for 2.5 days. It starts with an evening special and/or social events and continues through the following two full days. The program consists of both Plenary Sessions (that are held in a large hall) and Splinter/Working Sessions (that are held in smaller rooms). An outreach event prolonging the whole duration for 0.5-1 full day is welcome.

Foreseen are two catered lunches and a catered dinner on the first full day, as well as coffee breaks every day and a cocktail reception the first evening. Total number of participants and accompanying persons can typically be in the range of 150-200 people, but the bigger number is welcome and should be envisaged.

Eligibility for participation in the Call

A proposal can be made by an MVA institutional or individual member, or a group of members, possibly in cooperation with non-member organizations.         

What is expected from a proposer

  1. Tentative dates of the event.
  2. Proposed event venue with:
    • a large room for Plenaries, with the capacity to accommodate at least 150-200 people;
    • 5-7 small rooms for Splinter/Working Sessions to be held in parallel, with the capacity to accommodate 20-30 people each;
    • halls for coffee breaks, lunches and dinner (the dinner can be held in a separate venue, but this must be indicated).
  3. Proposed hotels in the vicinity of the venue, including the main one with which special prices for participants are going to be negotiated, and indication of what prices are expected.
  4. Tentative fees for different categories of participants, what they include (to mention specifically whether the dinner cost is included, and if not – how much per person one should pay) and how they are going to be collected.
  5. Indication of a capability to attract sponsors, both local/national and international ones.
  6. Indication of a possibility to engage the host organization’s and/or its partners’ staff and volunteers to help with logistics (e.g. computers, presentations-related issues etc.)
  7. Indication of how visa issues are going to be handled.  
  8. Proposals (if any) for accompanying persons to have tours, and related costs.  

What is expected from MVA vis-à-vis a bidder-winner

  1. Creation of IPC.
  2. Creation of a dedicated event website.
  3. Confirmation of the dates and venue, as well as schedule for event planning and preparation.
  4. Confirmation of registration fees.
  5. Handling of abstracts (uploading and selection) and papers.
  6. Relations with speakers.
  7. Advertising campaign, in particular using the MVA website and relevant international mass media, as well as massive emailing etc.
  8. Information for the event leaflet to be published by the host.
  9. Permission to use the MVA logo in the event-related materials.

Contractual aspects

A contract between MVA and Local Organizing Committee (LOC) regulating above mentioned as well as other financial and liability aspects will be signed at least 6 months before the event.

Regardless of whether the event is profitable or not, MVA will get 50% of all the paid registration fees, however not less than 8000 Euros. The percentage rule applicable to any sponsor contract, be it negotiated by the host or MVA, is subject to separate negotiations.

Submission deadline and subsequent procedure

 Proposals by potential bidders should be submitted to (gro.n1713348885oitai1713348885cossa1713348885egall1713348885ivnoo1713348885m@yks1713348885vokst1713348885nev.g1713348885elo1713348885, copy to gro.n1713348885oitai1713348885cossa1713348885egall1713348885ivnoo1713348885m@uoi1713348885notna1713348885.ikfa1713348885lg1713348885) by November 13, 2023, midnight CEST. Their receiptwill be acknowledged by the MVA, and some recommendations might be given if deemed necessary.

The selection result will be announced on December 8, 2023 during the closing ceremony of the 2023 (7th) Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium in Kurashiki.