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The 2nd International Moon Village Workshop & Symposium will take place on November 04-05, 2018 in Southern California.


The workshop, being organized by the Moon Village Association (MVA), in cooperation with the University of Southern California (USC) and the National Space Society (NSS) will take place at/near the USC campus on Sunday, November 04, 2018 and Monday, November 05, 2018, immediately following the NSS Space Settlement Summit (November 02-03, 2018), and concurrently with a planned space business event at USC. During the Moon Village Workshop & Symposium, the MVA – working with diverse leaders from around the globe – will lay out the results of its first year of work – and make plans for how best to advance the goals of humanity vis-à-vis the exploration, development and settlement of the Moon and cis-Lunar space.


The 2-day program will comprise both plenary sessions featuring leading lunar industrialists, technologists, scientists & visionaries, as well as breakout sessions, organized according to the ten (10) MVA working groups at which real progress will be made in developing strategies and plans for humanity’s lunar future.


We encourage participation in the Space Settlement Summit by MVA members and meeting attendees; please see; Please be aware that registration at the two events is separate; however, the three events are sharing the Radisson at USC as their conference hotel (see the information provided separately).

Location, November 03, 2018, USC Campus

Location, November 04, 2018, Radisson Hotel

Recommended accommodation

We recommend staying at the Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Midtown at USC. Several rooms are reserved for MVA attendees, at a reduced rate.


A link will be provided on this page in a few days; please check back.


Note: please be aware that we are only facilitating this hotel opportunity; the MVA makes no warrantee for the quality of the hotel services provide, nor does the MVA take any responsibility for any actions that an individual make take during your stay

Preliminary program

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Institutional Members:

First Moon Village Association Workshop, Fall 2017, organized in cooperation with ISU


List of Speakers at the 1 st International Moon Village Association Workshop,
November 2017.


  • Johann-Dietrich Woerner, ESA – Director General
  • Dave Murrow, Lockeed-Martin- Senior Manager
  • Tom Cremins, NASA – Associated Administrator for Strategy and Plan
  • Shizuo Yamamoto, JAXA – Vice President
  • Mathias Link, Luxembourg Ministry of Economy
  • Silvio Sandrone , Airbus – Vice-President
  • Michel Tognini, Association of Space Explorer – President Europe
  • Dhruv Batra, Teamindus – Vice President
  • Sun Gonling, ISU
  • Ian Crawford, University of London
  • Kyle Acierno, Ispace – Managing Director Europe
  • Tortsten Kriening , Ptscientists – Head of Business Development
  • Tai Sik Lee, International Space Exploration Institute, South Korea
  • Micheal Mealing, Waypaver Foundation
  • Clive Neal, University of Notre Dame – US
  • Steven Durst, Founding Director – International Lunar Observatory Association
  • Maesh Anand, European Space Science Committee
  • Arkless Grey, For All Moonkind
  • Henk Rogers, International Moonbase Alliance


The full details of speakers and report form the meeting can be found at:

More information

For general information about the meeting, please contact: Emeline De Antonio, MVA PR & Communication Manager: